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Convergence #0 to #8 - DC 2015 - Plus All Tie-Ins - 89 Comics

Convergence #0 to #8 - DC 2015 - Plus All Tie-Ins - 89 Comics
Our Price:  £142.49

Publisher:  DC
Era:  Modern Age (1985 - Now)
Format:  Set
Genre:  Superheroes
Type:  Comic
Year:  2015



1 unit

Grade: These fall around the FN to FN/VFN range with probably a few lower and a few higher.
Grade Notes: The main issues are reading dimples to the covers, some with lots and some hardly any. Also small spine creases. A few have finger prints on the back covers.
Pages: White
Notes: Plus All Tie-Ins - 89 Comics.

Comics included are: Convergence 0-8, Action Comics 1–2, Adventures of Superman 1–2, Aquaman 1–2, Atom 1–2, Batgirl 1–2, Batman and Robin 1–2, Batman and the Outsiders 1–2, Batman: Shadow of the Bat 1–2, Blue Beetle 1–2, Booster Gold 1–2, Catwoman 1–2, Crime Syndicate 1–2, Detective Comics 1–2, Flash 1–2, Green Arrow 1–2, Green Lantern Corps 1–2, Green Lantern/Parallax 1–2, Harley Quinn 1–2, Hawkman 1–2, Infinity Inc 1–2, Justice League 1–2, Justice League International 1–2, Justice League of America 1–2, Justice Society of America 1–2, New Teen Titans 1–2, Nightwing/Oracle 1–2, Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters 1–2, Shazam 1–2, Speed Force 1–2, Suicide Squad 1–2, Superboy 1–2, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes 1–2, Supergirl: Matrix 1–2, Superman 1–2, Superman: Man of Steel 1–2, Swamp Thing 1-2, The Question 1–2, Titans 1–2, Wonder Woman 1–2 and World’s Finest 1–2.

The above Grading Notes have been taken into account when assigning the above grade. They are not all encompassing but are there to provide a higher level of detail and also for issues that may not be visible in the images. Please refer to our grading page for further details on grading.

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